DGRP Forms

DGRP Application Form The DGRP Application Form is submitted by WSU and PNNL co-advisors to nominate a student to the DGRP.
Institutional Transition FormThe Institutional Transition Form (ITF) is submitted by incoming DGRP students by the end of their first semester in the program; this assists in planning for a smooth transition from WSU to PNNL once ABD status is achieved.
DGRP Exit SurveyThe DGRP Exit Survey is sent to DGRP students in the semester that they are planning to graduate from WSU. This survey is optional, but participation is encouraged. Feedback is used to help further improve the DGRP for current and future students.
DGRP International Offer Letter Template

DGRP Domestic Offer Letter Template
DGRP offer letter templates are meant to be a starting point for the terms and conditions of each graduate assistantship appointment. This template is based on the WSU Graduate School template but contains additional required language around funding while a student is in the DGRP. Please carefully review and change/update/remove information found in red font to fit the appointment. You must sign in with your network ID and password to access these documents.