Institutional Transition Form

Please complete and submit this form no later than the end of your first semester in the DGRP.

DGRP personnel at WSU will use this form to work with PNNL personnel to plan your transition to the PNNL campus, including working with the PNNL Office of STEM Education and planning for funding to transfer from WSU sources to PNNL sources. However, it is the responsibility of the student to communicate frequently with their WSU and PNNL advisors to ensure this transition goes smoothly. The DGRP administrators will assist as best they can but it is ultimately the student’s responsibility.    

Revisions to this form may be made at any time throughout your program by submitting a new form online.   

Note: This form is required for your participation in the DGRP, but it is not a substitute for your official WSU Program of Study Request Form submitted to the Graduate School.