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The WSU-PNNL Advanced Grid Institute

The WSU-PNNL Advanced Grid Institute is a joint research collaboration of Washington State University and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Our mission
To promote the research and evolution of advanced grid modeling to support planning and operations of complex power systems of the future and its workforce.

Our vision
To be recognized as a leading engineering source that will enhance the North American power system and will influence the rest of the world.

What’s New

Kevin Schneider (PNNL/WSU) Appointed PNNL Laboratory Fellow
News Release AGI Industry Day August 31, 2021
AGI Industry Day Flyer WSU-PNNL Advanced Grid Institute appoints Noel Schulz co-director
News release AGI Newsletter Summer 2021 Edition
Newsletter Congratulations to PNNL Scientists on Patent No. 10,784,686: “Grid Stabillization using Adjusted Voltage Regulator Response to Grid Characteristics.”
Link to PNNL Story Seminar Video: ESIC-AGI-UI-ASSIST Joint Webinar March 25, 2021: “The Future of Electric Power in the US” 
Webinar Presentation Slides 

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The Institute combines complementary expertise from PNNL and WSU in the fields of advanced grid modeling, wide-area measurements, demand response, energy storage, grid architecture, cybersecurity, and power system reliability research. The goal: enhance the resilience of the power grid to withstand all hazards, including natural disasters and malicious threats.

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The WSU-PNNL Advanced Grid Institute offers researchers, students, and industry partners access to some of the world’s most advanced analytical instrumentation and simulation tools, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with nationally recognized experts in power grid science and engineering.

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For additional information on the WSU-PNNL Advanced Grid Institute, please email Noel Schulz (Co-Director), Jeff Dagle (Co-Director), Linda Howell (Administration and Communications Coordinator WSU) or Dee Marmo (Project Administrator PNNL)

Mailing address:

Advanced Grid Institute
c/o Noel Schulz and Jeff Dagle
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
P.O. Box 999, Mail Stop J4-90
Richland, WA 99352