Affiliated Researchers

Assefaw Gebremedhin

Affiliation: WSU

Role: Associate Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Lead PI of the VICEROY Northwest Institute for Cybersecurity Education and Research (CySER).

Research Interests: Use of AI and machine learning for power grid applications, the use of graph theory and network science in power systems, and security of cyber-physical systems.

Ongoing Collaborations: “I have several ongoing collaborations within AGI, including with Anamika Dubey. One example of collaboration is our work in deep reinforcement learning for power system operations, where we are creating frameworks for translating grid control and optimization problems into solvable Marko-based formulations.”

Collaboration Interests: “I am very interested in PNNL/WSU cross-organization collaboration in the space of grid security. One specific topic of immediate interest is secure distributed energy resource management and operation, including the use of zero-trust architectures for 5G-enabled power systems.”