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Advanced Grid Institute About

The nation’s electric grid is aging. Forces such as extreme weather and cyber attacks can disrupt it, causing billions of dollars in physical and economic damage. But opportunities for improvement abound. Utilities are increasingly seeking technologies that enable distributed energy, grid-scale energy storage, transactive controls, and enhanced security for more reliable and responsive power delivery.

The WSU-PNNL Advanced Grid Institute harnesses the expertise and capabilities of the two organizations to help modernize and protect the grid, supporting a more resilient and secure energy infrastructure for the nation. A key effort is creating and implementing a national-scale simulation platform and data framework to enable advanced grid controls and operations for complex power systems of the future.

The Institute achieves its mission through collaborative research and training programs carried out in shared facilities at WSU and PNNL campuses. It expands on WSU-PNNL collaborations such as the Clean Energy and Transactive Campus project, the PNNL-WSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program, and joint appointments between the two organizations.

The Institute trains the next generation of scientists and engineers on advanced grid technologies. Collaborators are expected to develop technology with applications in industry or with potential for spinoffs, creating new businesses, and further enhancing the regional and national economy. Ultimately, the Institute will help advance the region’s reputation and prominence in power grid technology.

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Noel Schulz 
Co-Director, Advanced Grid Institute
Edmund O. Schweitzer III Chair in Power Apparatus and Systems
School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Washington State University


Jeff Dagle
Co-Director, Advanced Grid Institute
Chief Electrical Engineer
Electricity Infrastructure Resilience
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory



Linda Howell
Administration and Communications Coordinator,
Advanced Grid Institute
School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Washington State University



Dee Marmo
Project Administrator,
Advanced Grid Institute
Electricity Security Group
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory