AGI Advisory Board


The AGI Advisory board brings in industry leaders and experts who provide strategic counsel, advice, and recommendations to help continue to bolster AGI’s research and work in advanced grid modeling to support planning and operations of complex power systems of the future.  


Larry Bekkedahl | Senior Vice President, Advanced Energy Delivery | Portland General Electric

“The Advanced Grid Institute has been and continues to be a thought leader in developing the Smart Grid. The combination of leading researchers from PNNL, and the best in class power engineering from WSU has created an outstanding collaborative effort for utilities and the electric industry. AGI brings together innovation that will lead the way to decarbonization efforts.”

Judith Estep | Chief Technology Innovation and Strategy Officer | Bonneville Power Adminstration

“The AGI offers collaborative research opportunities that can help BPA address some of the industry’s biggest challenges around cyber security and grid integration. The program also provides a platform for university students to work on relevant industry projects and connect with leading researchers; it’s an excellent way to build a pipeline of regional engineering talent.”

Eleanor Ewry | Supervisor Strategic System Planning | Puget Sound Energy

“As utilities move towards a future of increasing energy needs, Advanced Grid Institute provides much needed support for understanding how to analyze the grid of the future. Organizations like AGI are instrumental in helping to understand the impacts and benefits of new technologies on grid resilience and to integrate these technologies into day-to-day operations. I am thrilled to be part of this Board as we navigate a changing energy landscape and look forward to the benefit AGI will bring to advancing a fully integrated grid.”

John Gibson | Avista Innovation Lab Director and Chief R&D Engineer | Avista

“Avista has a rich history of innovation. Today, we continue to invest in innovation with intention because we believe that in order to achieve the clean energy future that we all want, we must continue to innovate. By working together through the Advanced Grid

Institute, we can help chart the course for a clean energy transition that will propel the energy industry forward.”

Uzma Siddiqi | Sr. Manager of Grid Modernization and Strategic Technology | Seattle City Light

“As we move towards a shared goal of a decarbonized electrical grid, which is also more reliable, resilient, and equitable, our challenge is the integration of new technologies into the existing system. The Advanced Grid Institute (AGI) is addressing this need. I am excited to be on the AGI Industry Advisory board to support this transformation of the grid and help advance the economic opportunities, climate resilience, and environmental benefits from these innovative technologies.”

Rich Wallen | General Manager / Chief Executive Officer | Grant County PUD

“I am excited to be on the board to help play a guiding role to enhance the power system and influence decisions as we move to a more robust, reliable, and diverse grid to support all sources of generation for the clean energy future.”

Greg Zweigle | R&D Fellow Engineer | Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

“The AGI is an important collaboration between WSU and PNNL and is making significant contributions to improve the safety, reliability, and economics of electric power systems worldwide.”